Last September, the Supreme Court declared that Boris Johnson had broken the law, by proroguing Parliament, i.e. preventing it from meeting for debate.   He refused to admit this, saying that the court was interfering in politics.  It was not interfering; it was ensuring that politics was carried out in a democratic way.  In normal court proceedings if the accused refuses to show any regret for their actions they get a strong sentence.

Then in December, the Conservative manifesto stated that there would be a review of matters of this kind; few noticed this. Now it is clear that he means to allow greater freedoms for government led by him to do whatever suits them without challenge.

They have just announced (August 2020) plans to restrict judicial review, which is the main means by which citizens can challenge government if there are grounds for showing that government had not acted in accordance with our law and constitution.

They have also announced that a large number of Boris’ cronies will be placed in the House of Lords, the only other place that can challenge what is done in the House of Commons.

We also know that various major trade deals are being negotiated, which will greatly affect us all and they have resisted any attempt by MPs to have these debated in Parliament.

Any government that reacts to court rulings by changing the law and thereby preventing anyone from challenging their actions is despotic in nature.

Liberal Democrats will do all they can to stop Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings from undermining the rule of law, which is so fundamental to our society and democracy.

Nigel Jones

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