Letter to the Sentinel (14 Oct 2021) re. Israel and Palestine

A letter in the Sentinel attacking the LibDems is riddled with falsehood, especially regarding the party and people of faith and the party’s latest conference motions about Israel and Palestine. So here are some truths.

LibDems welcome people of faith and do not exclude those who disagree with any party policy for religious reasons.

On Israel and Palestine, the September party conference re-iterated its support for the state of Israel and condemned human rights violations by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in particular, as well as by Israel. Its call for labelling of goods so people can choose not to buy from the occupied territories is not simply against the Israelis who have gone to live there; it is because they are harming the rights and livelihoods of Palestinians. The permanent occupation of the West Bank by the Israelis, like its previous take over by Jordan, is illegal and its methods are brutal.

Nigel Jones

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