Nigel Jones has signed up in support of SIMPOL

SIMPOL is an international Association of Citizens, formed many years ago to get people and governments across the world to work to develop policies on global issues in ways that are cooperative and mutually beneficial rather than competitive. Among the issues are Climate Change, Sustainable Business, Mass Migration, Nuclear Disarmament, Tax Avoidance and Tax Competition, and Financial Market Regulation.

These require global solutions in order to avoid global competitive destruction.

It requires long-term thinking and development and it aims to develop policy on each issue which is wide-ranging; this should avoid the narrow focus on single items that sometimes bedevils the working of the UN.  The latter approach often fails or becomes extremely limited, because on any single proposal there are often those countries who feel they would be disadvantaged by it.

Simpol complements organisations such as the EU and likewise complements the need for people to engage in their local communities and local government.

Further information is on (the global site) or for the UK organisation go to

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