Recent letters from Nigel Jones (LibDem PPC, Newcastle under Lyme) to The Sentinel

These letters have recently been published in The Sentinel.

  1. Support for Boris

It was sad to hear some of the comments today from people in our area. I understand how many may feel if they want to quickly leave the EU, but they are wrong to be seen to be supporting an unelected Prime Minister who has broken the law to avoid debate and scrutiny.

Sir Nicholas Soames (respected former Conservative) said on TV last night that Boris cannot say that the Supreme Court is wrong. Today others in government have joined in strong support of Boris.  Their view for Brexit is blinding them to the harmful consequences for democracy of what Boris continues to do. I think ordinary people who are supporting Boris at the moment need to think about that too or else they could find themselves complicit in bringing about government actions that break the law and harm democracy.

Boris was completely wrong today when he said that the judges have interfered in politics; they have not.   They have kept out of any arguments for or against Brexit or about the referendum, but simply, clearly and strongly pointed out that the shutting down of Parliamentary debate is unlawful.  As the President said of Boris’s actions “the effect on the fundamental democracy of our country is extreme”.

Nigel Jones

Liberal Democrat PPC, Newcastle under Lyme

2. Ten reasons for a second vote

Brian Silvester expresses joy at the prospect of a no-deal Brexit; he’s among the few. On Thursday night a former editor of the Sun newspaper said if Brexit happens on 31 October, that is when the real trouble will start.

Let me express my joy should there be a public vote to remain.

1. No more years of hassle, expense and uncertainty for business in relationships with the closest, biggest market in the world.

2. No loss of government income to run our public services.

3. No worry about loosing funds for skills training while continuing access to a pool of people as necessary to run our public services.

4. No need for time, effort and expense to negotiate different regulations with loads of other countries that must be approved by all 164 nations in the World Trade Organisation.

5. No need to worry about more risks to our employment rights, jobs, working conditions and human rights.

6. The strength within Europe to stand up to the might of the USA, China, India, Russia and Brazil and against exploitation by multi-national corporations.

7. The ability to influence the EU and make it better, rather than be on the sidelines affected by their power.

8. The ability to do more to tackle world issues, such as the environment, from a position of strength rather than feeling alone.

9. Continued free access to vital information on criminals who might come here or escape from us.

10. No further risk to peace in Northern Ireland and being at the table should any risk to peace arise across Europe.

What a relief not to go out into the cold.  We can then get on with improving our society and democracy for the benefit of everyone.

Nigel Jones

Liberal Democrat PPC, Newcastle Under Lyme

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