Protect Thistleberry’s Green Spaces


Thistleberry’s Green Spaces are under threat of development by Newcastle-under-Lyme borough council


On Wednesday 8th April 2015, Cllrs. Jones and Reddish submitted an online and a paper petition to the Borough Council. Over 800 signatures in total. Thankyou to everyone who has signed.


The Borough Council has already placed the area known as The Butts for consideration in the preparation of a new local plan. This means it could be The Buttsbuilt on. The council is also reviewing its Green Space Strategy.

The Butts is a lovely steep hillside of green open space and large woodland overlooking a large residential area; it can be seen from around the Borough, is an excellent viewpoint (over most of the urban area and to Peak District hills 15miles away), is biodiverse and is much used by walkers and for other recreation. Likewise Thistleberry Parkway and Howard Place Green are biodiverse and used for recreation purposes. There are other more suitable sites; the  ruling group exclude certain sites from the plan for political reasons, some of which are much more suitable for building on.

Liberal Democrat councillors Jones, Reddish and Walklate have set-up a petition for local residents to sign. The petition can be found here:

Residents and other members of the wider Newcastle-under-Lyme community are also encourage to join the Protect Thistleberry community Facebook page:

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