Vision for Newcastle-under-Lyme 2018

The situation led by the Borough Council that we wish to see in a few years’ time.

Download a copy here

1. Planning: 

Better resourced council planning department with a realistic joined up plan for energy-efficient housing, employment and transport that regenerates the Borough, without destroying its character, and includes preservation of our cherished rural villages.

2. Social and Affordable Housing:

The Council works with partners such as Aspire to build affordable and social housing across the Borough.

3Transport Infrastructure:

A road system that does not cause too much traffic through residential areas such as Thistleberry, Westlands and Silverdale, looks forward to links with HS2 at Crewe and encouragement of good bus services.

4. Town Centre: 

A town centre with properly controlled housing developments, not just for students, community facilities including the Guildhall for public use, some free midway car parking and indoor market.

5. Local Partnership:

The identity of Newcastle Borough preserved while working more effectively with neighbours and the County Council in a civic hub that is properly fit for purpose.

6. Leisure and Culture:

Improved communication between councils and the public together with greater promotion of our leisure and cultural attractions.

7. Cycleways:

Proper through cycleways for leisure and for travel to work, schools and universities.

8. Recycling: 

A recycling system that is really efficient and has increased the proportion collected.

9. Taxation: 

A good system established by central government for local government financing, including reformed council tax, business rates and government grants.

10. Heath and Social Care:

A properly resourced, efficient health and social care provision.

Published and promoted by Nigel Jones at 10 Wedgwood Ave, ST5 2JD on behalf of Newcastle under Lyme Liberal Democrats.