Tory support for Brexit

Tories are supporting Boris because he got Brexit done. One of his supporters said on TV he was better than Theresa May because although she had integrity she made a mess of it. Accepting we are no longer a member of the EU, we must hold him to account for making a complete mess of it.

The all-party Public Accounts Committee today published a damning report. This included yet another deception; government promised £20M to help small business, but only spent £6.7M because they made the rules to keep out some of them.  See a summary from the BBC of this report below.

Nigel Jones

Public Accounts Committee REPORT 9 Feb 22  BREXIT

“One of the great promises of Brexit was freeing British businesses to give them the headroom to maximise their productivity and contribution to the economy – even more desperately needed now on the long road to recovery from the pandemic,” said PAC chair Meg Hillier.

“Yet the only detectable impact so far is increased costs, paperwork and border delays.”

While it was hard to disentangle the impact of Brexit from the effects of Covid and wider global problems it was “clear that EU exit has had an impact” on UK trade volumes, the committee said.

Another big test identified by the committee will be the phased introduction of controls on imports into the UK, which began on 1 January.

Physical checks on the import of food products are due to begin in July, and the British Port Authority told the PAC it needs greater clarity about the precise arrangements, including the percentage of products which will be checked.

Meg Hillier says the PAC has repeatedly reported on Brexit preparedness, and there have been delays to promised deadlines at every stage.

“It’s time the government was honest about the problems rather than overpromising,” she said.

In particular, the PAC wants the government to do more to help small firms prepare for the extra burdens they are having to deal with, and to consider further support.

It says only £6.7m of the £20m offered under the SME Brexit Support Fund was paid out, because narrowly defined criteria meant many businesses missed out on funding.

It also urges the government to write to the committee, within six months, setting out the timetable for its planned programme of work on the “noteworthy ambition” to create the world’s most effective border by 2025.

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