Update from Cllr Marion Reddish (Liberal Democrat Group Leader) – 2

Walley’s Quarry, Cemetery Rd.

Those of you who read this and live within a few miles of the Quarry, will be very concerned about the odour which appears to come from this site, and seems to be getting worse.

Red Industries try to tell us it is not them, do we believe them!


  • Planning Permission given in 1966 to use the quarry for landfill
  • 2013 Renewal of mineral planning application,  requested a number of updated planning conditions
  • 2019 permit variation application made to increase the tonnage to 400k tonnes pa. Allowed by the Secretary of State despite objections from the Borough.

Part of me says the sooner it s filled the better, however I am told the smell does not go away on completion of filling the site, neither is it an option to push to close the site because the problems will continue with regard to smell,although the mud on the road and the traffic congestion would ease. As you may be aware, a one way system operates in and out of the quarry, we are aware this gets breached from time to time and we are raising that point at meetings. Estimated closure of the site is 2026. Restoration of the site 2042.

Where are we now?

A liaison group was set up as part of the planning permission consent. They met 4 times a year. The group consist of EA officers, quarry personnel, County and Borough Planning officers, Environmental Health officers RESIDENTS and councillors from areas around the quarry. Please do come along! Details from myself.

As a result of constant complaints and no solutions the Borough Council set up a  working party to look at all aspects associated with the quarry. It is still meeting to gain evidence, but they will be making their recommendations soon. Highways, EA, Borough Council, and Health England are all involved in that scrutiny process. I am a member of both investigation groups. Reports submitted to the scrutiny committee can be viewed via you tube or council website. The EA and the Borough Eho have a submission there.

Health England Report there is no evidence of breathing or eye problems. No evidence that the headaches or nausea some experience is a health hazard.  A SITE YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN IS


We who are affected are still worried however!


Red industries the operators are working within the law! It is the law which needs changing, our MP is raising questions in Parliament about doing just that, but it will take time.

Highways are increasing pressure to get the road swept of mud.

You can help by reporting your experiences to the Council on 717717 or online at www.newcastle-staffs.gov.uk. Click on the home page to report walleys quarry concerns, or ring the Environment agency on 0800 80 70 60

REPORT EVERY TIME YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT PLEASE. It is important the monitoring groups get a true picture.

Both the EA and the Borough council aim to visit the site of the complaint there is a rota of officers. It is a high priority issue now., however because of Covid neither are allowed to come inside homes and sometimes there is a time delay.

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