Protecting services for local people

Newcastle Liberal Democrats will be working hard to maintain and protect frontline Council services for the local community over the next year and beyond.

Local Lib Dem Councillors will not be entering into any agreement with other parties on the Council, but will, instead, give support to proposals that help protect and maintain important services across the Borough. Lib Democrat group leader Marion Reddish explained:

“There is now a need for Liberalism to re-establish itself, for the good of the country. This means steering clear of coalitions in any shape or form.”

“Locally no party has overall control in Newcastle. Labour are two members short of control. Conservatives are eleven short, so in order for Conservatives to take control of the Council they would need a coalition of UKIP, Greens, Independents, Conservatives and ourselves.  We believe this  is an unstable situation and would not serve the Borough well.”

“It is usual for the largest group to run the Council and in this case it is Labour. We are not agreeing to their policies but our local residents and businesses need to know there is stability for the period ahead”, added Cllr Reddish

“We have chosen not to take part in the administration of the Council, because we believe it is right to judge all proposals on their merit and intend to work with everyone, wherever possible, to get the best for Newcastle. We are also clear that we will oppose Labour if they implement policies that are not in line with Liberal values. We are keen to vote on every decision on merit only, irrespective of party politics.”

Liberal Democrats will continue to work hard for the local community and are pledging support to the party that they think is making the right proposal on a one to one basis.”

Liberal Democrat priorities for Newcastle are:
– Ensure Newcastle has a stable government for the next twelve months.
– Major decisions are in line with Liberal Democrat values of Liberty and equality.
– Promote Newcastle
– Avoid playing party politics for the sake of it.

Contact: Marion ReddishCLLR MARION REDDISH TEL 613265
19th May 2015

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