The Liberal Democrat message for 8th June, from Nigel Jones, Newcastle under Lyme

Don’t give Theresa May a blank cheque!

5 U-turns in 12 months + the u-turn on the EU. Is she strong and stable?

The Conservatives do not say how their proposals will work and:

  • Are not willing to commit to a social care plan that assures people of the help they need, when they need it, in a fairly funded transparent way.
  • Will not adequately fund either the NHS or Public Health schemes.
  • Will not ensure adequate funding to stop the cuts to our schools and colleges.
  • Will not fix our broken housing system that costs individuals and families so much.
  • Will not support the disadvantaged or low-income working families.
  • Do not know how the loss of benefits from the EU such as security systems, trade, research & community grants and environmental schemes will be replaced.

The Tories made their usual condemnation of Labour’s financial planning, but the Institute of Fiscal Studies says the Tory plan might not work, lacks detail and will do “serious damage to services.”

It says the Tory immigration plan will cost government £6bn a year as well as damage to the economy, their Education plan will mean 7% cuts and their social care plan “fails to tackle the basic funding challenge”.

Then, there is the unspecified loss to our economy (estimated at £36bn by the OBR) and government income (estimated £15bn) from leaving the Single Market and Customs Union.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies now says that neither the Tory nor Labour manifesto “sets out an honest set of choices nor addresses the long-term challenges we face.”

The Liberal Democrats want a brighter future for our children, not the mean-spirited Brexit of Theresa May and Nigel Farage; that will hurt you, your family, your schools and hospitals. The Liberal Democrats have a costed plan to ensure good housing and public services for everyone, to give the best chances for all our children in a competitive world and to treat all our elderly with dignity.

The Liberal Democrats have a plan to ensure effective defence, security, a clean environment and an innovative economy. This plan balances government revenue accounts by 2020, while investing capital that will provide jobs and grow the economy for the future.

Published and promoted on behalf of Nigel Jones (Liberals Democrats) all at 3 St John’s Way, Ashley, Market Drayton TF9 4LB

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