Nigel Jones, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Newcastle under Lyme says: “Is Theresa May a competent Prime Minister?”

She was unable to establish a decent policy on immigration when in the home office. She did a u-turn on the EU; in particular gave reasons about security and cross-border crime for staying in. She miss-managed the budget on national insurance. She changed her mind dramatically on whether a general election was in the interests of the nation. She continues to ignore all experts on selective schools (including people within her own party) and makes a mess of future funding for Education. She has failed to grasp the changes needed to a broken housing market, to a failing energy sector and to the funding of the NHS. Now she has failed to properly deal with the social care system.

She may be a politician who is clever at seizing power (though even that is due to weak opposition), but is she competent at leading the country?

Supporters, such as the Daily Mail have praised her in recent days for being honest about the difficulties ahead, yet much of those difficulties are of her own creation by deciding not to stay in the single market or the customs union. Maybe her comments about the difficulties are made now, because she has unexpectedly realised how bad her course of action really is.

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Date29th May 2017  Author  CategoryNews