Nigel Jones, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Newcastle under Lyme, on the Conservative Manifesto proposal for Social Care.

This proposal simply expands the present broken and underfunded system, in which the welfare of the elderly and their relatives is a pure lottery, according to the chance of whether or not you need special care.

Sir Andrew Dilnot, the expert on social care, made workable proposals which the Liberal Democrats supported, but now the Conservatives have abandoned.  The chief executives of the Nuffield Trust and the King’s Fund, together with the director of the Good Care Guide condemned the proposals.

It also encourages people to put off asking for care, until they become ill or have an accident and so add to the demands of the NHS.

If older people have wealth tied up in the property in which they live, then that is a matter for a fair and proportionate system of inheritance tax, not care in old age.

In areas where property is relatively low in value, some people will gain, but that is because the Local Authority will have to pay, in spite of being an area where income from council tax is relatively low.

In the current system, people who need to go into a care home, are faced either with selling their home or deferring payment, but even that presents difficulties, as we found when my mother-in-law went into a care home.

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Date29th May 2017  Author  CategoryNews